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Shelby F-150 Super Snake Pickup Truck

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This year, US cars’ fans will get their money’s worth again, because this year, the famous tuning company will be represented at the fair through one of its trading partners and manufacturers. For the first time, to be precise.

The descendants of Carroll Shelby can currently be seen in numerous publications with the 770 hp Shelby F-150 Super Snake. In addition to the performance curve, the vehicle also has a badge with the Shelby serial number, the signature, and of course, an attractive appearance.

Even if Shelby himself never made it to the Essen Motor Show during his lifetime, he still enjoys legendary status as a famous racing driver and designer with the fans. No matter if Mustang, Cobra, or now the F-150. The vehicles are something for the eyes, ears, and probably something for the adrenaline rush. The 5.0 liter V8 under the hood of the F-150 will make a good impression with its 770 horsepower. The 22 ″ Shelby retro chrome rims seem almost lost in the large wheel arches, but the 305/45/22 tires will probably beg for mercy if the 750 horses want to gallop forward. They also want to breathe, which is why there are many air inlets and of course, other Shelby changes.

Will the F-150 also find its way to Essen? Or whether we can look forward to another show vehicle? I’m curious and, like Bolle, I’m looking forward to Pentecost, because I confess: I’m a Shelby fan!